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The Story of Flower Bar

The Huey's started flower bar when Laura Huey drove by the building and saw that it had been closed due to Kay's declining health and Kay had to go live with a relative. From then out, 3 years of renovations started. Being long-time residents of Salem township, where flower bar is located, the Huey family thought about the things that they would want in this extremely rural area, and made it happen. Fresh-cut bouquets are wrapped in coffee burlap as a flower bar signature and our coffee is supplied through uncommon coffee roasters located in Saugatuck, MI. Pastries are made by a local favorite, Cantoro's Italian market which is located in Livonia, MI. So, coffee, espresso, fresh flowers, and pastries... what else could you ask for? Well, we didn't stop there. We have tried very hard to find an array of unique gifts that cannot be found just anywhere. Between bath bombs, jewelry, dog treats, plants, candles, drinking vinegar's and other local finds, flower bar has so much to offer. So stop in as we continue evolving flower bar into it's full potential which may just have no limit. 

Many know the little blue building at the corner of N. territorial and Pontiac trail. This character-filled building has been many things, but most recently it was Bo-Kay's. Kay, the woman who lived at the building, sold flowers out of buckets and was open day and night. Many members of the community stopped in to help her, as she had health issues, whether it was to help her clean buckets or to pick her up a meal from across the street. Although the Huey's, the owners of flower bar, did not get the pleasure of meeting Kay, we are learning so much about her through the community and are in awe of how many people took the time to help Kay while she lived here.

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